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Do you have a sports injury, musculoskeletal problems, neck, back, shoulder, or hip pain?

Try our specialised sports & remedial massage to help repair the affected area, plus prevention of further injuries.

Do you suffer from headaches, stress or anxiety? Enjoy a relaxing massage/therapy and you will come away feeling relaxed & revitalised.

We Offer

Harmony Health Therapies offer a bespoke service, specialising in holistic therapies  to support you 

to improve your physical and emotional health by stimulating the body's natural healing potential.

Our Products

Harmony Health Therapies use high- quality products, where possible using 100% organic certified

products. These will be ethically sourced and where feasible purchased from the UK.

Holistic/Complementary Therapies


Conventional medicine is very disease-focused treating the symptoms rather than the underlying cause, whereas complementary therapy practitioners will look at the patient holistically and provide

individual treatments which stimulate the mind, body and spirit: kick-starting the individual's innate

healing abilities. Complementary therapy can work in conjunction with medical treatment.


There is evidence that complementary therapies have evolved from ancient times to the present day.

In Egypt, The Physician's Tomb at Saqqara has works of art that exhibit symbolic meanings of

manipulating the feet. At approximately 2330 B.C., there is also evidence that hand and foot therapy was

practiced in China and North American Tribes. In 1917, Dr. H Fitzgerald was accredited with the creation of Zone Therapy, which relieves pain by applying pressure to different zones of the foot. In

the 1920's Dr. Shelby Riley added horizontal zones for the hands and feet. Professional physical therapist

Eunice D Ingram mapped out reflex points of the organs on the hands and feet.


The Chinese would burn incense to create balance and harmony for the body and the Egyptians

rejuvenated their skin by using oils. Hippocrates was 'The Father of Medicine' circa 460 - 377 B.C., he used scented potions in baths and massage. In the 20th century, a French chemist called Rene-Maurice

used lavender essential oil to treat burns on wounded soldiers from World War 2; he discovered that it helped to heal the injuries.


At the same time, Dr. Jean Valnet was the first to use oils to

treat psychiatric conditions. In the 1950's Austrian-born biochemist, Madam Marguerite Maury

came to England to give lectures about the techniques of massage and taught aromatherapy

to other therapists. The first aromatherapy book in England was in 1977 by Robert Tisserand and this has been used as a reference book for education.

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What our customers are saying

I have had several treatments with Jeannie that have left me feeling fabulous, she is very personable, caring and professional throughout the treatment.  I would highly recommend having a treatment with her!

Mrs S McPherson

About Us

Complementary therapies do not replace treatment with a doctor or any prescribed medication.

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